Understanding When a Tooth Extraction is Necessary

Despite the bests efforts on the patients and dentists’ behalf, there are several different reasons why a tooth extraction might be needed. What are these reasons and if you need a tooth extraction, how will it happen? Our dentists at Wheatland Dental provide high quality and experienced care for our patients. Continue reading to learn the many reasons why a tooth extraction may be recommended.

When Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

Unfortunately, tooth extractions are needed for several different reasons. Your dentist in Sakatoon and Watrous will no doubt go over the specifics of your individual treatment plan and recovery, but below are a few reasons our dental staff may have to recommend an extraction for your smile.

  • Damaged Tooth. Teeth that are severely affected by an injury may need to be extracted as well as teeth that are decayed beyond repair. The first option is always to try and save your natural teeth, but your health and protection are always our priority.
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth. Our dental team keeps a close eye on the development of wisdom teeth with our younger patients. Teeth that don’t push through the gums properly can severely damage the surrounding teeth and mouth.
  • Stubborn Baby Tooth. Typically, a child’s baby teeth will fall out on their own. However, there are instances with stubborn baby teeth that don’t want to fall out without help.
  • Overcrowded Mouth. Many orthodontic treatments require tooth extractions to prevent an overcrowded mouth from damaging the surrounding teeth.

How Will My Tooth Be Extracted?

Our dental team will provide a series of x-rays for you as well as the proper anesthesia to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure. There is a quick recovery time that allows you to continue on with your day to day activities fairly quickly.