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Regular Dental Exams & Tooth Cleanings

One of the best ways to prevent larger dental issues is through regularly scheduled dental exams. By consistently checking the progression of your oral health, your dentist in Saskatoon can see if there are any concerning changes and recommend treatments to make sure a small issue doesn’t develop into a large one.

Dental Exams at Wheatland Dental

Your dentist will examine all areas of your mouth, including the teeth, tongue, gums, and lips. They will also assess your jaw joints and screen for oral cancer.

Dental Cleanings at Wheatland Dental

Tartar or calculus builds up on our teeth over time and requires dental professionals to use special tools for removal in order to keep the gums and bone surrounding our teeth healthy.

The dentist performing dental cleanings

How often should I have dental exams and cleanings?

The most commonly recommended time frame for dental checkups is every six months. However, some patients may require an exam and cleaning every four months instead. Patients with gum disease, a history of cavities, a large amount of dental work, or even a sweet tooth should consider increasing the number of exams they get.

Additional Dental Health Tips

  • Keep your mouth clean – Brush and floss every day.
  • Inspect your mouth – Pay attention to changes in your mouth, such as redness, sores, lumps, or bad breath.
  • Eat well – Eating a healthy diet and ensuring you get your recommended amount of vitamins and minerals helps your body keep your teeth healthy.
  • Don’t use tobacco products – Smoking and chewing tobacco products causes oral cancer, heart disease, gum disease, and many other issues.

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