Root Canals and Endodontics in Watrous & Saskatoon

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Root Canal Treatment in Watrous & Saskatoon

Think you may need root canal treatment from a general dentist in Saskatoon or Watrous?

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Warning signs that you may need a root canal treatment from a general dentist:

  • A toothache
  • Sensitivity to chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Lumps or bumps surrounding the afflicted tooth
  • Tooth discoloration

Root Canal Treatment as a General Dentist

When your general dentist determines that a root canal treatment must be performed, the primary goal is to save the tooth. To start, an access is made through the crown of the tooth in order to allow the dentist to begin the endodontic treatment by completely cleaning out the pulp at the center of the tooth. Once it is removed, the area is disinfected to remove all bacteria and then is sealed to prevent bacteria from getting back into the center.

After root canal completion, a crown is often recommended. A dental crown will act to strengthen the tooth and prevent it from fracture. Root canaled teeth are often heavily restored and at risk for fracture.

At Wheatland Dental, we provide treatment options and treatment as general dentists. We will screen and assess your current condition and treatment goals and with your best interests in mind, may make the recommendation for a consultation and/or treatment with an endodontic specialist depending on the complexity of the case.


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