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Wheatland Dental is proud to serve the community of Watrous and surrounding areas. Wheatland Dental in Watrous was formerly known as Watrous Dental Centre which was established in 1993. In 2018, Watrous Dental Centre was renamed to Wheatland Dental Watrous after a change to the current ownership of Dr. Adam Stenerson and Dr. Eileen de Jager. Wheatland Dental in Watrous is a full service general dentistry office that welcomes peoples of all ages.

We are centrally located just off Main Street in Watrous at 107A 3rd Ave E. We provide everything from cleanings and check ups to crowns, bridges, and dentures. 

Wheatland Dental Clinic in Watrous

The name Wheatland Dental acknowledges the industry which is central to the backbone of this province. At the time of writing, Saskatchewan is Canada’s top grain producing region and more specifically supplies more than a third of the world’s total exported wheat. Our agricultural sector is iconic of Saskatchewan’s past, present, and future. We all have a connection to the “fields of gold”; whether that be time spent working in one or a sight to behold on a late summer’s drive.

Our Watrous Dental Technology

Since 2018, we have continued to upgrade the facility including digital charting, digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, SLR photography, digital shade matching, dental chairs, and delivery units.  We look forward to introducing further upgrades over time as we keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies in the dental industry. At the Watrous location, we provide all the dental services that we provide at our Saskatoon location. If you are a patient at the Saskatoon location you are welcome at the Watrous location and if you are a patient at the Watrous location, you are welcome at the Saskatoon location.

We are also proud to say that as of November 2020, the clinic is open five days a week.  All three of our dentists working at the Saskatoon location also work at the Watrous location and enjoy serving the community.

Everyone at Wheatland Dental in Watrous looks forward to visiting with you at your next appointment and would like to thank the community of Watrous and surrounding areas for their continued support.


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