Emergency & Same-Day Appointment Booking

At Wheatland Dental in Saskatoon, SK, we know that dental emergencies always happen when you least expect them to. So because of that, we make ourselves available to treat you in the quickest, most efficient way possible, when you need

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What Does Grinding Teeth Look Like?

  What is Teeth Grinding? Teeth grinding, or clenching is a condition known as bruxism. It can happen during the day or overnight and may come and go at different points in life. How to Stop Daytime Bruxism? Daytime bruxism is

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Maintaining a Healthy Smile

At Wheatland Dental in Saskatoon, SK, whether you’ve already been treated by us, or are looking into the possibility of giving our office the great opportunity to treat you and your family, we want you to have the smile you’ve

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