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Pediatric Dentistry in Watrous & Saskatoon

Looking for pediatric dentistry from a general dentist in Saskatoon or Watrous? It seems like only yesterday that your little one was born, but before you know it, their first tooth comes in and it is time to take them to the dentist! It is recommended that children visit the dentist around the time that they turn one, or sooner if they have a tooth erupting.

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry as a General Dentist

In need of a dentist for your children in Saskatoon or Watrous? Visiting a dentist is essential for starting your child’s oral health on the right path and identifying any issues that could be much larger in the future. Early prevention can help immensely.

In some instances, dental procedures may need to be conducted on children. While baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own, removing them before they are ready can lead to other issues in the mouth. The adult teeth waiting to erupt often depend on the baby teeth to guide them into the right position. Without that assistance, your child may develop dental crowding which could potentially require orthodontic treatment to correct.

For instances of having to conduct many procedures at the same time or in the event that the child is particularly nervous, Wheatland dental offers nitrous sedation (laughing gas).

Pediatric dentist in Saskatoon examining child's teeth

Commonly Offered Pediatric Dental Treatments in Saskatoon

Popular pediatric dentistry treatments recommended by our general dentist:

  • Fluoride treatments – keep their teeth healthy, so they develop normally
  • Dental sealants – protect teeth from decay as it keeps food from getting trapped within the grooves of teeth.

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At Wheatland Dental, we provide treatment options and treatment as general dentists. We will screen and assess your child’s current condition and treatment goals and with your child’s best interests in mind, may make the recommendation for a consult and/or treatment with a pediatric dental specialist depending on the complexity of the case.


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