What is a Dental Exam

Dentist and patient discussing during dental exam

The majority of our patients feel like they are doing what it takes to keep their dentist happy through their at-home oral hygiene routine. However, there are areas that toothbrushes and toothpaste can’t clean. Dental cleanings are required to not only get these hard to reach areas clean but to also check on the overall status of your dental health.

Dental Cleaning

While many dentists have slightly different methods and lengths of times for their exams and cleanings, but most will keep it short and sweet. The most important part of a dental cleaning is to remove the built-up plaque and tartar that may be stuck to the teeth. This build-up is nearly impossible to remove on your own and causes discoloration and decay. To help prevent gum disease, a device called a scaler is also used to clean the gum line.

Dental Examination

While a cleaning is very helpful, the dental exam is vital. A dental exam allows your dentist to thoroughly check the mouth for any issues or get an idea if any issues could spring up in the future. Early intervention for many dental issues can make them much easier to manage and take care of. For example, finding a small cavity allows your dentist to fill it before it spreads to the center of the tooth and you end up needing a root canal to fix it!

Who Qualifies for This Procedure?

Unlike other dental procedures, everyone qualifies for a cleaning and exam. Factors such as medical history, age, and other factors are not relevant since everyone can, and should, be getting cleanings and exams.