What Are Ceramic Braces? Cost, Benefits & Disadvantages

One of the major issues with traditional braces in Sakatoon and Watrous is that they don’t make you look stylish at all. They also tend to direct others attention straight to your mouth, which can be uncomfortable.

Wheatland Dental explains the concept of clear braces to take all those worries away from you.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are also known as ‘ceramic braces’. What makes them different from what you usually find is the type of bracket that is used. As the name suggests, clear braces uses a clear bracket. There are various Pros & Cons of ceramic braces. To name a few:

  • They move teeth faster than an Invisalign.
  • The material used in clear braces is of higher quality which makes them stronger than the traditional ones.
  • The cost is a factor that can be a con when it comes to clear braces.

Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces

Braces don’t repair your teeth overnight. Hence, one needs to put a lot of thought into the type of braces. Metal braces are very visible and can make one very conscious even though they might last longer. Ceramic or clear braces as visually more pleasing and seamless.

Ceramic Braces vs Invisalign

There are a couple of factors that differentiate between clear braces and Invisalign. Transparency is a major plus when it comes to Invisalign as people are far more comfortable with a treatment going unnoticed by others.

Removability being another pro of an Invisalign. It is extremely easy to remove and put it back without assistance.

The Adjustment Frequency of ceramic braces is far more convenient than that of an Invisalign.

The treatment cases of both, clear braces and Invisalign is very different. Invisalign usually help issues that aren’t that severe, unlike clear braces.

Last but not the least, clear braces are known to stain the teeth and leave a mark because of the wires. So, staining is also a factor to consider.

In Conclusion, one needs to weigh all the different possibilities of what clear braces are and what the requirement is before getting the treatment. Wheatland Dental is here to help.