Importance of Dental Sealants

Your teeth are full of pockets and crevices that create hiding places for bacteria. The bacteria that colonize these pockets can quickly form cavities and result in serious pain. However, Dental sealants can give you the protection that you need to prevent this from ever happening. We are passionate about making sure that your smile is as beautiful and healthy as ever, and in order to do this, sometimes dental sealants are necessary.

What Does a Sealant Do?

Essentially, dental sealants form a barrier around your teeth that protect them from invasion. We all have bacteria in our mouths, and some of that bacteria can be harmful to your teeth. The bacteria that get stuck in small grooves of your teeth will begin to consume leftover food particles that get stuck there.
As the bacteria continue to grow, it slowly eats away at the enamel of your teeth. This causes dangerous holes in your teeth that allow the bacteria to flourish even more. A sealant is a protective way to coat the enamel of your tooth and essentially form a shield around it, protecting it from the damage that bacteria can cause.

The Application of Sealants

Sealants can be easily applied in a single visit. The application is completely painless and easy. The biggest perk of all, however, is that your teeth may be protected for up to 10 years from painful cavities.
The first step is to thoroughly clean your teeth. The second step is to roughen the surface of your tooth using a mild acid solution. Once that is done a thin coating of plastic sealant will be painted onto your teeth to protect them.
If you have any other questions about dental sealants, please give us a call today.