Gum Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Infected gum can be a cause of mild bleeding or bad breath. If you observe any of these signs, it can be because of gum disease in Sakatoon and Watrous. Initial Gum Disease which is called as gingivitis must be cured at right time before it causes serious Gum Disease called periodontitis. Early detection and right solutions is quite necessary for Gum Disease so that the problem does not exceed and reaches to a situation where treatment is not possible.
With right symptoms detection, right solutions can be obtained. Some symptoms of Gum Disease can be:

  • Red and swollen gums – This can be initial and easy to detect sign of Gum Disease. When a patient observes such issue, right attention must be taken. Gum Disease can be painful or tender. Early bleeding can also be a sign of Gum Disease. Gum Disease start with inflammation.
  • Bad breadth – Gum Disease may also cause bad breath in your mouth. When there is increase number of bacteria, a toxin is released which can cause foul smell. This can be an early sign of Gum Disease.
  • Sensitive teeth – When there is issues of sensitive teeth, this can also be a sign of gum disease. In such cases when teeth are exposed to cold water and air, excessive sensitivity is felt. This is called as dentin.

Often various treatments are suggested for gum disease treatment. Expert doctor may suggest the following treatment for gum disease:

  • Deep cleaning – This is in-depth cleaning that ensures cleaning inside the gum line. This can clean gum from within to stop any further disease.
  • Medication – Pills and creams can act as a fine treatment for issues of gum disease. Often ointment and medicines are also suggested for right gum treatment by the surgeons.
  • Gum graft surgery – This is an advance surgery in which tissues extracted from one part of the mouth is implanted in other area to prevent tooth decay.